5 Advanced LinkedIn Marketing Hacks That Will Help You Double Your Business

If you’re not using LinkedIn for your business then you are seriously missing out.

For the newbies out there who haven’t heard of LinkedIn before, it’s a social network that is designed for career and business professionals to connect with each other. Unlike Facebook wherein, you can ask to be a friend of anyone you like, LinkedIn is not about numbers, it’s about quality, not quantity. It’s about building strategic relationships and connecting with people that are relevant to your business. In fact, if you reach 500 connections LinkedIn will actually stop showing your number of connections to other users.

LinkedIn has over 65 million business professionals from around the world and majority of its members are decision-making authorities for their companies so it’s an amazing platform that you can utilize for your business.

1. Use LinkedIn to grow your email list

Email lists have always been at the top of the list for a number of online marketers because your message goes directly to your target’s inbox. Whenever you make a new connection in LinkedIn try to be polite and thank them for the connection – then try to invite them to be a part of your email list. Since you’ve connected with them already, nine times out ten they’ll probably say yes. Of course, it’s always a good strategy to offer something in exchange for their emails, maybe offer a free eBook that you’ve written? You’ll get a much more favorable response if you’re exchanging something of value in return for their emails because most people think you will spam their inboxes.

2. Laser-focus on your target market and connections

Advertising in LinkedIn is way different than advertising on other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram because you can laser-focus on your industry, job roles of LinkedIn users who would normally purchase your product and even the company size. For example, if your company is selling high-end women’s shoes, you can focus your entire advertising campaign to female executives of businesses with over 100 employees that are focussed on fashion – these women can afford high-end shoes and have the budget for them.

3. Stay active and post constantly

If you want your connections to recognize that you’re an authority on your field then you need to stay active on LinkedIn.

Provide daily status if you can and create blog posts to show authority. Keep in mind that you are catering for your connections and possible new connections that have come across your profile so keep active and stay relevant by posting authoritative blog posts. Try to join LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your target market as well. This is an excellent way to find out what your target audience is buzzing about and joining groups will also enable you to message the members of the group even if you’re not connected.

4. Post compelling content

If you want other professionals to notice your brand and you as an authority figure in your industry, then you need to post topnotch content that is highly compelling. Keep in mind that your connections and audience are also professionals in their field so they would only see value in your content if it’s going to help them in the long run. Keep in mind that if a post begins to gain traction, LinkedIn will actually put a spotlight on it in one of their categories, and you’ll get more eyeballs on your post and your profile.

5. Sponsored Updates

Sponsored updates is a great way to engage a more targeted audience on LinkedIn because it allows you to get your content in front of a larger, more qualified users. Basically, you can pay to push your content onto a LinkedIn user’s feed similar to boosting a Facebook post. The beauty of using this function is that you can customize your content to laser-focus on a person’s job title, company that person works for or even what sort of skills they have. It’s a great way to reach decision makers and authority figures from various companies so you need to make sure that the content you’re pushing is compelling and that you also have a prominent call to action.

6. Make sure you claim your custom URL

If you’re serious about growing your brand then you need to claim your custom URL and make sure it includes your name in it. If you’ve just met a potential sponsor or client, chances are, they’ll probably Google your name to get a feel for you and LinkedIn profiles are usually at the top of the search results that’s why custom URL’s are very important. On that note, make sure that the summary section on your own profile is topnotch. Having a custom URL is pointless if your summary section is lame. Make sure that you write in the first person and that it clearly sums up your expertise and why you’re an authority in your niche. It’s what prospective customers or clients will look at if they come across your profile.You have roughly 2,000 characters to make a kickass profile so make it good. Don’t forget to include your contact information in your profile as well to make it a lot easier for potential clients to reach you so that you can turn random people into qualified leads.

7. Don’t be pushy

No one likes a pushy salesman so if you come across as one of those annoying pushy salesmen you’ll most likely turn other people off. LinkedIn is all about connecting with other businesses and professionals so if you want to make an impact on LinkedIn then you need to focus on building relationships. Try to connect with other entrepreneurs and prospects on a more personal level and build rapport. Make people like you. Most people will say yes to something if they like the person.

Being a hardcore sales rep out of the 70’s will get you nowhere because LinkedIn is full of smart professionals who have probably heard what you’re selling anyway.

8. Have a business profile page

If you have a Facebook page and an Instagram page then you definitely need to have a business page on LinkedIn as well.

The look and feel of your business page should be consistent on all social media platforms so make sure the visuals and content are consistent all throughout. Stay active on LinkedIn because the more active you are the more relevant your brand becomes. If you come across a business page that hasn’t been updated in three months what would be your opinion of that business? You’ll probably think it’s not in business anymore. You’re better off not having a business if you’re not planning to update regularly. Maintain a consistent and active business page on LinkedIn and you’ll have a better chance of earning more qualified leads.

9. Create your own LinkedIn group

Similar to creating a Facebook page, creating a LinkedIn group is a great idea because it’ll connect you directly with potential clients or customers. If you want other LinkedIn members to join your group all you need to do is join as many groups that you can that are related to your brand or your niche. Once you’ve been accepted to the other groups, focus on getting the members of that group to join your own group by sending them each a personalized invite. Laser-focusing on your target members is essential here so you need to invite members that you feel could be your potential customers. The more personalized your invite is, the better your chances of recruiting them to join your group. Once your group has a decent size, you need to post valuable content to keep them compelled. if they can see that you’re offering something of value to your group then they’ll more than likely become your client or customer in the future.

In Conclusion

One in three professionals in the world actually owns a LinkedIn account, and 50 percent of key decision makers use LinkedIn for business purposes so if you’re not using it for your business then you’re seriously missing out on a potential gold mine.

LinkedIn provides valuable networking opportunities, allows you to build rapport and relationships with other professionals, establish authority, generate quality leads, gain awareness for your brand and improve your reputation. So what are you waiting for??

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