10 Free Online Tools That Are Guaranteed To Help Your Website Grow


The marketing over the internet has seen tremendous growth over the years. The organizations are undertaking all effort to pull the maximum number of customers, to sell their products and services successfully over the online platform. However, not all businesses have the funds to adopt costly tools to increase their customer count. This is where the free of cost internet marketing tools comes into being. These tools are highly useful when it comes to increasing your customer base. Let’s take a sneak peek at some of the best FREE internet marketing tools available.

1)Develop your scheme with Content Idea Generator

Devising an innovative idea is the key to achieving maximum visibility, and the idea generator tool will definitely help boost your business. This tool will actually provide you with various inventive ideas that’ll help amplify your content and increase your website’s traffic.

2) Balance with HootSuite

Having a social media presence is easy, but being active on all the social media platforms is tough. The HootSuite has been devised to cater to your social media movements from a single dashboard. The tools enable users to schedule their tweets, update their Facebook status and even undertake Google+ shares along with many other actions.

3) Know the status of competitors with Backlink checker

The work of backlinks is to identify the incoming links connected to a webpage. The tools like Moz and SemRush gives an opportunity to recognize the backlinks of other people in the business, thereby aids in determining the popularity of the company.

4) Maintain your speed matrix with GT Metrix

A website that takes a long time to load often loses the opportunity to appear on search engines like Google. The speed testing mechanism like Google page seed, GT Metrix helps in acknowledging the actual loading time of the blogs. This ensures that the flaws can be corrected and loading time gets reduced for better visibility.

5) Improve your blogs with Small SEO Tools

Blogging is an essential online marketing practice that requires due attention. However, a perfect blog needs to draft in a manner that it is free from plagiarism, grammatical error and also helps in improving your SEO. The Small SEO tools are a cost-free site that enables users to perform various tasks related to blogging, all under one roof. The site includes a mechanism like an article rewriter, plagiarism checker, Google PageRank Checker, keyword position, online ping tool, backlink checker, Alexa rank checker, Domain IP lookup, keyword suggestion tool and many more tools to provide flawless writing experience to the user.

6) Gain accessibility of write-ups with DropBox and Google Drive

You never know when there is an urgency to travel, in times as such, it becomes difficult to go on saving files in laptops and flash drives. The saving of a document or writing a document on Google docs ensures that the data gets saved automatically on the Google Drive. This helps in easy accessibility of the saved documents across the world. Moreover, Google Drives combats any kind of interruptions like an unexpected shutdown and keeps the document secured even when the working on the document is still progressing. The Dropbox tool is another revolutionary mechanism that provides 2GB free space on joining to keep the documents secure.

7) Get hold of free Email marketing mechanisms

In order to create a strong subscriber base for your blogs, you can adopt tools like Ininbox, Madmimi, and even MailChimp. These mechanisms provide many varieties of tools that are allowed to be personalized based on individual needs.

8) Highlight your blogs with images from Photopin

The Photopin tool enables users to select pictures for their blogs and make their blogs attractive. The tools include a search engine that makes use of Flickr API to find pictures.

9) Track the progress of your blog site with StatCounter

Analyzing the visitor count on your blogs is critical to its success and StatCounter helps you achieve the details. The Google Analytics alternative allows users to know the visitor history, location, recent keywords, length of visit and much more to make relevant changes for optimum visibility.

10) Manage your team with Asana

This teamwork administration software helps you remain connected with your team members and helps in assigning and tracking task completion. The software sends an alert mail after the task attains completion.

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