15 Killer Tips To Help Build Success For Your Brand On YouTube

If you’ve never heard of YouTube, then you must’ve been living under a rock for the past decade.

YouTube is an incredible source of every content imaginable, and with more than a billion active users, it’s definitely a crucial tool for online marketers. YouTube is so massive that it can be accessed in 76 different languages and has even launched local versions in more than 88 countries. YouTube is also the internet’s second largest search engine which means it can drastically help your overall brand presence.

Now if you want to do well on YouTube, here’s a list of killer tactics that will help you step your YouTube game up an upper notch.

1. Choose an optimized video title

While it has always been an effective tactic to create compelling headlines for any blog posts, the same goes for YouTube – you need to optimize your title. Make sure your focus keyword is included in your video title and try and see if your video title can solve a problem. For example, a title like “diet tips” is nowhere near as effective as a title like “How to lose 10 kilograms in 10 days.”

2. Encourage users to interact

You need to encourage users to comment on your video because the more comments you have on your video, the more popular your video looks. Video comments are actually one of the metrics YouTube uses to determine what should appear on the top of the search results so the more comments your videos have, the better its chances are on appearing at the top of the search results. Ending your video with a question is a great way to encourage engagement and discussion. For example, something like “what about you? Are you happy with your current situation?” can be a smart way of getting more video engagement.

3. Produce good quality videos

While it’s important to optimize your videos for YouTube, it’s also equally important to make sure you produce high-quality videos. Mobile phones are more than capable of recording high-resolution videos so you can start with that. However, if you’re really serious about making an impact with your videos, then it may be worth your time to buy a decent camera. There are some excellent ones out there that are priced at less than $500. That may seem like a large sum of money for some people, but you need to look at it as an investment if you want to make money from YouTube in the future.

4. Choose the right keywords

If you’re always doing Keyword research for Google, then you better start doing some more Keyword research on YouTube as well. Majority of YouTube keywords start with “how to,” but it’s always good practice to use Google Keyword Planner to check if your chosen keyword is actually getting any monthly searches. That should give you an indication of what keywords are already in use.

5. Tag effectively

Tagging is one of the most critical ways to rank your video in YouTube search results because it helps users find your video when they try to search for a topic related to your niche. Useful tagging means more video views that’s why you need only to use tags that are relevant to your niche. You don’t need too many tags, 10 to 12 should be more than enough.

6. Copy your competitor’s keywords

If one of your competitors is doing really well on their YouTube channel then why don’t you find out what they’re doing right? You’ll probably find that other businesses and YouTube channels are using similar keywords so might as well join the bandwagon.

7. Use YouTube to find your focus keyword

Did you know that you can use YouTube to help you determine the best keywords to use for your videos? All you have to do is use YouTube’s search bar to generate popular keywords. You can try it by typing in a word like “handbags,” you can see below that the search box will give you several suggestions. Awesome right?

8. Send an email to your mailing list

An email list is an effective form of marketing that never dies down. It’s pretty much like sending a mail to someone; the only difference is that it goes straight to your inbox. As soon as you release a new video, send an email blast to your mailing list and watch the views skyrocket.

9. Encourage people to subscribe

YouTube gives more priority to YouTube accounts with more subscribers so make sure you ask people to subscribe. Asking users to like and comment on your video is a must, but asking them to subscribe is a “double must” because if people subscribe to your videos, that means they’ll keep seeing your content over and over again.

10. Create an attention-grabbing thumbnail

Let’s face it; an eye-catching thumbnail is what grabs people’s attention when they’re trying to search for something. In fact, the majority of the people will click on a video just based on your thumbnail, so you have to make sure that your thumbnail stands out from the pack and that it specifically informs viewers what your video is really all about.

11. Use closed captions

You might not even know this option on YouTube, but if you click on this option the caption is going to appear – it’s actually meant for deaf people. But the thing is, these closed captions are search friendly, so it actually has an unexpected benefit.

12. Embed your own video

Once you’ve posted a new video, you need to embed your video everywhere. Why? Because embedding your video in various blogs and social media sites will result in more eyeballs and engagement in your video.

13. Begin your description with your focus keyword

If you know how to work SEO on your website, then you would know that adding a focus keyword in the first paragraph of your blog is a great way to make your post search engine friendly. Similarly, using your focus keyword in your video descriptions is a must because it’ll help YouTube’s bot to find your video and give it a higher ranking.

14. Review your video’s performance

If you want your subscribers to keep watching your videos again and again, then you need to have actionable stats that will help you figure out how your videos are performing. There’s what you call the watch time report, which helps you see determine how long people are spending on your videos. All you have to do is go to your channel icon and click on Creator Studio then go to “Analytics > Watch time” in the menu on the left side. There’s also the audience retention report which shows your average view duration and your top performing videos. You can view the report by going to “Analytics > Audience retention’ which is within your Creator Studio. There’s also the engagement reports where you can measure your overall performance; there’s the Subscribers report which lets you know how many subscribers you’ve gained or lost, and there’s the Share report which lets you know how much your videos have been shared.

15. Create playlists

It’s relatively easy to create a YouTube playlist once you’re logged on. First, you can start with your latest video then you click the “Add to” option underneath the video to add it to a playlist. Videos can be added to an existing playlist, or you can start a new one. Using playlists is an awesome technique that can definitely increase view time on your videos and retention.

16. Create compelling content

Let’s face it, no matter how well you optimize your videos or channel, if your content is rubbish then your efforts are useless. Content will always be king so make sure that you have content that is unique and that provides high value so that people would want to share it.

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4 Brilliant Ways to Get More People to Watch Your YouTube Video Ads

If you’re serious about growing your business or your online personal profile, I recommend using one of the most powerful technologies known to mankind: Videos.

According to, people are 85 percent more likely to buy a product after viewing a product video -now that’s some serious stats!

A number of small businesses are currently investing time, money and resources into shooting, editing, and producing topnotch YouTube videos in the hopes of building awareness of their brand and engaging users, but unfortunately, none of them are getting any engagement at all from the viewers.

So how do you engage viewers and actually compel them to watch your video ads? Here’s how.

Make your ad look natural

Don’t use too much branding on your ad because you’ll just end up driving viewers away.

Instead, make your ad feel natural as possible – as if it’s actually not an ad so that you can reach your target audience and make them like your brand. A great example of this principle is this ad from Oreo featuring Youtube stars Dude Perfect. This ad involved Dude Perfect in an Oreo Dunk Challenge where they used nothing but ping pong balls. The ad looks totally natural and highly watchable.

Create A Call To Action

A call to action is the action you want a viewer to take after watching your ad. Your goal is to eventually have a viewer give you their contact information or convert them to become a lead by engaging them with your content.

As an entrepreneur, you need to decide how you want to direct the attention of your viewer once your advertisement is over. You want the consumer to act immediately after they have viewed your video so there should be a clear call to action in the ad, especially if you want to direct the viewers to do something.

A great example is this ad for Clash Royale, a multiplayer mobile game, there’s a call to action at the end of this ad which pushes viewers to download the game for free – that tactic is gold right there.

Catch Your Viewers Attention

You literally only have a few seconds to grab the attention of the viewer so you need to make it count.

One way to do this is to have an intro that’s eye-catching or even downright controversial. You can capitalize on a trend or produce something funny. You should use people in the first frames or even celebrities if you can manage it to engage the viewer on a more personal level.

Have a celebrity talk about their favorite food, for example. Close shots, as well as cropped shots, can also work wonders. If you’re using any thumbnails, make sure these are clear. The titles you use should also be clear and compel the viewer to want to click on them. You can even try to have playlists to connect the videos so that if a person watches one video, they can find related videos in your playlist.

A great example is this Apple commercial featuring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.  This ad was the brainchild of the agency, TBWA, and it apparently grossed more than 25 million views by the end of 2017. Using Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in the ad was a smart move since he’s a huge Hollywood star and commands a strong presence onscreen.

Connect With Your Viewers

Use tools like YouTube analytics so you can see your view-through rates and where it may be dropping.

You might decide to do something different when it comes to editing your video to get viewers back to your ad. Thinks about your editing strategy as you create the videos. Your aim is to hook the viewer, so they stay glued to your ad.

There are two ways to hook your viewers, it’s either you make them laugh or you make them cry it’s as simple as that. Humor is always a crowd pleaser and it’s a great way to connect with viewers. Creating an emotional connection is the next best thing next to humor. You can try to come up with a touching story that goes beyond the brand message in the ad and watch the views skyrocket.

A great example of an effective commercial that uses humor is this awesome Mr. Clean ad. The man in the famous white muscle shirt never looked so attractive while mopping hardwood floor before.

In Conclusion

These are just four clever ways you can get more engagement with your video ads, there’s definitely plenty more out there. Try these methods and I bet you should start seeing better results with YouTube advertising.

Screenshot from Apple’s Youtube video