5 Ways Your Brand Can Survive The 2018 “Facebook Apocalypse”


It’s official: Facebook is changing the way you get information from the news feed. This will of course impact businesses and brands in a huge way moving forward. Basically, all business pages will see a significant drop in their standard reach and engagement. Business pages with posts that don’t generate much reactions or comments will see the most significant decrease because Facebook wants to increase “meaningful connections.”

Here’s how you can ensure that your brand maintains a strong presence on Facebook.

Build a Fan Community

One thing you want to do is to build up a community around your brand and message. You want meaningful interactions with people, and you can do this by building a sense of community. Think about local, personal, and stories that make people feel good. Your marketing strategy should make good use of this as you want to have content that matters as it will engage with your fans and build up a trusting community.

Content with Value

You need to have content that is of a high value. You don’t want to just go after numbers; you want content that will matter to the end user. Put a more significant focus on the customer and the client and build content that they will find useful and engaging. The content you create has to have a value as this is what will get people to recognize your brand and build your community.

More Videos

You should be creating more videos and look to make live videos, as well as these, can help your brand. This gives you an opportunity to engage with your customers, and they can ask you questions when you’re live. Video has been rising quickly on Facebook, so you need to make use of it. On the news feed, video content has priority so try to create regular video content to keep users engaged with your brand.

Use Messenger

Chat applications like Messenger are rising, and you should make use of them to boost your brand. You can provide a great customer experience if you use Messenger as you can engage with users and answer their question in a timely manner. The interaction is personal and allows you to provide customer service when needed. You can put a Messenger button at the top of your page to drive users to use it when they interact with you.

Use a Paid Strategy

You should consider paying to get people onto your page as the organic search may not provide you with the customer base that you need. This can help you grow your brand to its full potential so make use of it. You can do this through Facebook advertising, and it can bring you a good result.

The changes to Facebook news feed does not have to be the end of the word for your business. If you use these strategies, it will help you maintain your business and help you get new customers in the future. You need to think of ways to grow your brand and keep its presence on Facebook. Good content and user engagement is going to help you achieve this. Make sure you make use of videos and other pieces of quality content to drive users to your brand more often.

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