Five Good Reasons Why Social Media Is Crucial For Your Business


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Social media is a rave that people are really crazy about at the moment. Millions of users are using different social media platforms every hour. With this kind of count, social media would be a great tool to use to spread messages that you want to convey to others without giving much effort from you. Likewise, this is a tool that can do great things for you if you have a business.

Running your own business is somehow a dream that had come to life. Most of us wanted the challenge and the stability it can give to our lives when it became successful.

Business and social media seem to get along harmoniously. If you are an up and coming entrepreneur, chances are, that you are still not doing that great at this stage. And on that note, social media can really help boost your business.

Connect to the customers

Most people are in fact dependent on the social media about what product to buy or service to get. By creating a profile in a social network for your business, connecting to customers will be direct and easy.

 Spreading updates with regards to your business

Through blog platforms, you can update both your suppliers and clients for what is new in your business. Through this, you can start some discussion thread in the forum where you can market your product or service.

It gives an idea of what your customer needs

Through the feedbacks given by your customer, you can take a step in tailoring the product you provide to what they actually need. If you have accounts like twitter for your business, you can use it to make a poll. There would always be complaints by unsatisfied customers but then instead of seeing it negatively try to see it in a brighter light. This should be your priority. Deal with them efficiently and swiftly. The suggestions given by some other customers can be your resource of what to do next.

It gives you an eye to the competition

There are a lot of sites catering to consumer reviews. You can scan them regularly and check what people have to say about you as well as to your competitors. With this, you would know what they are doing and could make a step to atone with it. For example, when most of your rivals have special offerings, it would not hurt your business if you would launch one of your own.

 It can give you the chance to deal with complaints as soon as possible

If you are active in your social media accounts for your business, online PR disasters can be avoided. When there are complaints about your business, you can investigate it thoroughly. If you find out that the fault comes from your side, you can contact the customer and apologize directly. Or you could also offer a solution if you have any.

There are so many things social media can offer you in order to make your business better. If you know how to use your resources wisely, everything will just fall into place.


Which Social Media Accounts Are The BEST For Your Brand And Why

If you are planning to launch a small business or you’ve started one just recently and you haven’t utilised the power of social media because you think it’s for teeny boppers only – then you’re dumber than I thought! You have probably encountered a load of information explaining how you can use social media to promote your business which makes sense because social media is a powerful money making machine as long as it’s utilised the right way. It doesn’t really matter if you think social media is for kids, bottom line, EVERYONE is on social media and it’s free communication.

Although there are millions of social media users all throughout the world, it is quite easy to get carried away by the number. Looking for the right social media sites to get your business promoted and maximize its potential is important to the success of a business, and it is the part where you should be concentrating your efforts.

What will your business gain from engaging in social media?

Social media is all about engaging through sharing, which means, in business, it’s targeting your services, your product range, or your articles at engaging a possible client base or customer. With millions of users worldwide, social media is covering every topic range that you would be able to think of.

Along with engaging a prospective client base and customer, social media also plays a big relevance to SEO. Social media has been a unique format because it is helping you promote your content directly to your audience, which in turn, would generate traffic through people who share your content with others, and through search engine optimization.

The most prominent social media sites and their uses:

Below are six of the most prominent and significant social media sites that you need to utilise right now if you want your business to succeed.

1. YouTube  – This site is about showcasing videos to a large range of audience. It is being utilized by businesses at all times to sell products and services. While YouTube is owned by Google, videos have a tendency of featuring prominently on the search engine results. You are even given chance to utilize the YouTube ads for making a secondary stream of income.

2. Google+ – It is in part a combination of Twitter and Facebook and has become essential for SEO, if nothing else.

3. Facebook – This social media site has been predominantly built for sharing. These can be articles, products, or services. It is for sharing your content with as many people as possible.

4. Twitter – It is about sharing news on any subject. You should not let the word “news” make you feel as if it does not apply for products. Twitter is good for new stock ready to be sold, new product launches, and other press releases.

5. Blogging – It is a great way of imparting expertise and news to your customer, client base, followers, and readership, offering a great way of attracting visitors to your website through search engines.

6. Instagram, Pinterest and other bookmarking sites – These social media sites are good to use when it comes to showcasing visual products. If your business is selling something on the web, make sure you post on Instagram, Pinterest and as many bookmarking sites as you can find.

These are just some of the basic advantages of social media, and the uses of each of the sites. Later on, I’ll get into detail how you can use your social media accounts to make decent money online.